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FBCT might be a bit breakable? Especially for thin lines. It would thaw very quickly, maybe in your fingers before it hits the cake. Would royal icing pieces work? Is the cake square, round ... ? I assume the scrollwork is on the sides of the cake and not the top?
I use Satin Ice and Fondarific (and Duff's if I have a coupon). I love how fondarific holds up and have had nothing but good luck with it (jinx!). I have tried FondX and found the color not always what I thought it would be, and it stretched a lot in my experience, making the cake tough to cover. I have an unopened container of Choco-pan in my cupboard which I am waiting to try soon (although I'm not sure if that classifies as fondant?)
Duff's fondant, Fondarific, Satin Ice ... they are typically one year if well sealed.
I've used it. Once the cake is iced, I kept it refrigerated until just before serving because mousse can liquify if left out - and perhaps even spoil depending on what's in it. Make sure your icing dam is good and stiff to avoid leakage.
When I bake a 3" pan, I also use the flower nail and baking strips while baking at 325.
I don't use glass pans, so no, I haven't used the strips on glass pans.
Fondant will harden up to a point (depending on how long you leave it out). If you want it to really harden up, you can mix it 50/50 with gumpaste or knead in gum-tex powder to the fondant, which will harden it up really well. That, or you can use straight gumpaste (which is a bit harder to colour).
Glad you had success! I always use baking strips (except on some shaped pans that they don't fit), and in larger cakes I do the flower nail thing. Bake at 325. I also use cake release instead of Pam. Works like a charm!
I've tried it too - with little success. Some people say that Americolor has a darker red than Wilton. I just buy my red pre-made. I don't use it that often, so it's not a huge investment cost-wise. It saves me time-wise though.
Satin Ice, Fondarific, and FondX are all great tasting fondants.
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