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I actually only have a couple days until the cake is due
How much Tylose should I add to make fondant panels? I want them stiff so they can stand alone one the sides of the cake but still be soft enough to cut. Thanks!
I just used it and it worked fine!! I do prefer Tylose, but it will do in a crunch! Thanks again!!
Thanks so much!!
I mix a bit of tylose into my homemade fondant to make it stiffer or to make bows and such, but the closest store that carries Tylose is over an hour away. and I need some now. My local craft store sells Wilton Gum Tex so I was wondering if I can use it in the same way to stiffin the fondant? Thanks!
Thank you all so much! I used wilton teal and a bit of sky blue and it came out perfect!
Thanks! I have have americolor and wilton, I will get it a try!!
What colors can I mix to get a tiffany blue color? Thanks!
That make total sense! Thank you so much!!
Anyone know how to make a cake look like a stack of pancakes?? Thanks!
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