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Wow.  That's crazy that the exact photo has another on here stumped.  I didn't find that thread in all my searching.  I'm still stumped but will just have to experiment I guess.   Thanks much.
Hi,   I just been given this photo by a bride who wants me to create this cake for her wedding.  It's done in buttercream.  How does one achieve this nest-like texture?  Is it just randomly piped on? (then maybe slightly pressed down after it's crusted a bit?)  Looks so randomly perfect.  Anyone done a cake like this before?  Any pointers?   Thanks!!      
Your house is great! I love it. Thanks for the advice. Just as a reference I'm putting up photos of the one I did last year (I'm going to try to figure out how to do that now). It's two Brooklyn brownstone buildings. I really loved it. I'm not going to do the same one for this customer but something as grand and a little out of the ordinary. I think I will charge $250.Thanks!
I did a large complicated gingerbread house last year for a contest. Someone saw a photo of it and said they want me to build them one this year. I'm not sure how figure out what to charge! I worked so long on that house last year... Realistically, it would be hundreds of dollars but I can't figure out what the market price out there is... I can't find much online to compare to. Anyone have ideas on this?Much appreciated!
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