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Update..I did paint on it yesterday with colored paste mixed with clear vanilla extract. I painted the yellowbrick road and some trees and it worked out fine.
thanks alot I appreciate it!
Bonehead question but can you cover a chocolate buttercream iced cake with white fondant? i've never done it before and I don't want to mess up my husbands cake.thanks!
One more thing id like to know.. Has anyone airbrushed the fondant or painted on it? thanks!
I agree with the cream cheese buttercream. I have used that as well as vanilla mousse filling just to give it a lighter taste. hth
The chocolate mousse recipe that I use just has a little milk, heavy cream and a box of instant jello pudding mix chocolate flavor.Its a breeze to whip up takes less than 5 mins and holds up alot longer than a traditional recipe with eggs.I used to make the one with eggs and it was a pain. I switched to this and I've never gotten any complaints.
The first time I made this fondant I let it sit overnight and it was great.The second time I was in a pinch and had to use it that day and I really saw the difference between the relaxed fondant and the fresh.The fresh definitely had an altogether different feel and look to it in my hands I can't really explain it any better. This wedding is coming up and I think I'm going to try to make another batch with more PS and see what happens.Thanks for the advice! Cindy
i have only made this twice and mine comes out pretty soft, i found that when i try to pick it up from my rolling mat that it tears pretty easily so i have to be careful.I have to tinker with it maybe add more sugar to it and it will become stronger?
thanks for the info and now i know about the refigeration being a no no i have to ask your advice.I have to do a wedding cake next friday with this fondant.Its going to be a 3 tier square stacked with mousse filling.Since the filling is going to have to be kept as cold as possible i figure that if i base ice the cakes with BC and leave them in the fridge for a few hours to get chilled though then take them out cover it with the fondant and then deliver it it should be ok,...
I don't know how to attatch the recipe in here but if you go to recipes and type in fondant in the keyword box and scroll down till you see michele fosters delicious fondant
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