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I have an order for the infamous bleeding armadillo cake for next Friday.I was wondering what should I make the ears out of? The cake has to be transported to Boston Mass which is about 2 hours travel time.I need to make sure that they are strong and well supported maybe a dowel in the base of the ears? i'd appreciate anyone thats made one of these give me some pointers please. Thanks
i've used my wilton pastes with alcohol and it worked just fine.Its pretty expensive to use luster dust, for me anyway.U want the alcohol or extract added to either LD or wilton colors so it gives the wetness to paint but then it evaporates and the color drys on the fondant. HTH
if worse comes to worse you can always do buttercream as a backup if you feel the fondant isn't working out for you.Don't panic! Remember none of us would have gotten to know what we know about decorating if we hadn't tried it.Either way if your sucessfull or it doesn't work out you still have a story to tell about it. You will do fine!
Wilton does taste pretty bad I agree.I have made both marshmallow and Michele fosters fondant. Her fondant is awesome,it tastes great and its good to work with as well.The marshmallow fondant I used was a recipe from a lady in the wilton forums and it was good but I think for me the other was easier to work with.You can color it using your paste colors. Hope this helps Cindy
Thanks for your help! Cindy
I'm going to be making little snowmen out of fondant for my christmas orders coming up.My question is should I paint in black food color their eyes or should I pipe black royal icing? everyone will be picking up these cakes and refrig'ing them at least few hours up to a day before their served. Which could hold up better? I don't want the moisture from the fridge to make my snowman look like he was crying with mascara look. If anyone has experience with this gimme your...
BOY i'm glad I started this one! You all have so many great ideas... keep em coming!
After many years of writing on cakes I still cannot stand how I write happy birthday, one would have thought I'd find a way to do it that would be like WOW that looks nice! Do any of you have pictures of your happy birthdays?
I have to admit that I have actually eaten saurkraut cake before.My sister made it, it was a long time ago and I was very skeptical but it wasn't that bad..
I have only made these a couple times.I made a miss piggy face for my niece using RKT.I used the recipe on the box of cereal and worked with it when it was warm to shape it.Mine actually got pretty hard so I didn't have to leave it to firm up.The one thing I did before covering it with fondant was smooth it with royal icing to fill in all the holes,I think I saw on one of the cake competitions them pounding it to smooth it out? I thought this was was easier.HTH
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