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I had subscribed to them for a couple years and I too got tired of the wait.When I renewed last year I needed a certain issue that was very important and I didn't get it.I wrote to them complaining and after that I was just so sick and tired of it I said NO MORE after this year is up..
thanks for the responses! I hoped I didn't call it the wrong name but you guys corrected that quick there are sooo many products I want to buy but moderation is good, and I know when I buy stuff its an investment.I'm going to def pick up a couple gumpaste supplies,i'm thinking early mothers day present
For the water part I just colored some piping gel blue and put a big piece of brown fondant poop in it
I was watching Edna on utube (she's awesome!)and she was using her Celpat to work with making gumpaste and fondant flowers.Does anyone else have one of these? if you like yours where did you get it? Thanks
If you don't want to use fondant maybe white chocolate is the way to go but it will be heavy
I made a toilet cake out of a loaf pan it wasn't that big though because it wasn't for many people.i just cut and stacked the pieces on top of one another and iced in BC.For the bowl part I used a glass bowl and baked the cake in that to get the shape and cut the hole in the middle for the water to go.I used fondant for the lid and just cut a oval and added the details and let it dry completely.hth
I recently googled this pic and I was in awe I wanted to make this too I agree with the others BC piping for the clouds,rays and airbrush.As for the face I thought maybe you could pipe it on then let it sit and use the finger dipped in PS or cornstarch method and smooth it out then airbrush.
I would do it but PLEASE charge for your time and aggrevation,this is alot of work.I can't get too technical on the copyright stuff but as I see it all of the products you are using are licensed so the company has made their money off this already.The character pan on it says for home use only,this is for her family she bought it I don't see why not ?
I was under the impression that you can't "make" your own dora with fondant, RI, or even an edible image because these are not things that they can make money on you do.I can't imagine a company making products with characters on them if they didn't have permission to do so by the owners of that character so you should be fine getting that dora mermaid.I get customers to buy their own decos, that way they get what they want and its less stress on you.
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