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could you be more specific with what your working with it would be alot easier to figure out what methods to use
Thanks soo much everybody for making me feel better.With my other 2 I never had any "tastebud issues".You read about anything and everything possible changing in your body during pregnancy as strange as it could be,but never quite believe which ones you will have. Thanks again
I was making my usual cake for a customer and I tasted the frosting and it was salty then my cake batter, salty too? i'm thinkiing WTF? i'm going nuts?! its the same stuff I always used and it tastes different.I found out the next day that i'm pregnant with my 3rd Has anyone ever gone through this before where their tastebuds changed from pregnancy?
Your story was very good and the cake was even better its great that you shared it with us.I've wanted to throw a cake but alas I have only dropped a cake by accident,had a full sheet cake fall off the top of a rolling rack and when I worked at a grocery chain I had a customers daughter throw a starter log into the cake when it was in the shopping carriage,I spent soo long making lots of BC roses for it.I think the customer was scared of me when she brought the cake back...
sweetkozie, Its all about preference how you do your fondant.Lots of us like to refridge the cakes before fondant because it gives a firmer foundation so if you would have trouble (I know I have!) you have more time to correct the problem smooth and finish your cake.I've never had my cake dry out either and I don't wrap them unless I let them sit in the fridge overnight for decorating next day.
I use the almond oil in the little bottle for my frostings and cakes and it tastes great.I find it with the chocolates so i'm thinking thats what you use to? the only thing is that its really concentrated so you have to use way less then an extract, a drop at a time literally til it tastes how you want it.
When I cover my cakes with fondant I always put them in the fridge first.It firms them up so when you have to put that fondant over it and smooth you dont have to worry about the frosting sliding and wiggling underneath which gives you a nice finished look.Ever notice the middle of the cake where the filling is, sometimes you get a bulge and that comes from putting the fondant on most times. As for the crumb coat I only ice my cake once but I like to make sure that theres...
Thats how I do it too! piping gel works great for this
I froze my wedding cake topper that had choc pudding in it and when we thawed it it didn't taste too great.i've never froze it by itself only inside the cake.
I made a lemon cake with raspberry filling and it was good.Nothing too weird about the combos your talking about.maybe experiment before?
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