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My best advice to you is put that cake in the fridge as long as possible.Covering it with fondant will act as "insulation"and will help keep the filling cold longer.Refrigerated fillings are always a toughie when trying to figure out how long you can keep them out for because you don't want to do all that work and poison everyone! I make cakes with mousse frequently and I tell customers take it out an hour before you plan on serving it and it should be fine.
Whenever i've made my rkt's i've used royal icing to cover them and fill in the tiny holes then fondant. Buttercream on buttercream will work just fine also.Ganache seems like a waste because your probly not going to eat it so it will save on the cost.
If the mousse bled into the bc i'm wondering if you put the dam of frosting to hold the filling in? Also did you put too much filling in because that makes a wobbly cake also.
I had the same prob and I cut the sugar back to 3/4 cup sugar and it makes a big difference
I'm going to try my best with this.1)When I roll out my fondant for accents I use conf sugar otherwise short makes it more sticky and also if your trying to dry your decos short keeps that from happening.2) retaining shape, did you roll your fondant too thin? if your only making stars you can make them a little on the thick side so they are more managable.3)Its not really necessary to let them harden if your decoration is simple4)personally I let them harden on the...
I got my airbrush last christmas and I love it. I use it often on my cakes either airbrushing the whole thing or just alittle to give the cake something extra depending on the design. Its all about demand and how often do you think you could be using it if you bought one? Do you have people showing pics of things they would like that would require an airbrush or could you achieve the same look another way/method? These are quest to think about.
The melted colored candy melts is what I used.I had to make chocolate butterfly lollipops for my daughters bday and I had to make the wings all different colors so I used the colored chocolate to paint the mold where I needed it then poured my final white chocolate over it to finish.
Pink! I meant pink lol
I've made pick white chocolate ganache before for a baby shower it will be fine good luck
refridge is always best with ganache just make sure to keep it covered like a box otherwise it could pick up flavors or smells from your fridge
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