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I ended up cutting the oreos with the serrated knife and it worked out great depending on the weather ( humidity was NOT my friend last week in CT ) I may try to refridgerate them first and then cut. Just wanted to thank you guys for your words of advice!
Does anyone have any tricks for breaking an oreo in half to use as a decoration besides breaking it with your fingers? I'm trying to get a clean break maybe a knife would work?
I tried to stick a picture in here a but i'm not getting any luck with it.Take a look at my photos and see the one thats called Ambers wedding cake that cake has exactly the size tiers you mentioned.You should have enough cake to feed everyone, its a large cake! Depending on the design you have to make you might have a prob with only 2" difference between tiers. I did ok with the seperator plates. do you have design picked out?
If your raspberries are nice and firm they shouldn't get soggy at all inside the cake. I made the same kinda cake for my sister in law. I made her cake the day before and it held up fine. good luck!
Alot of people use whip cream but theres so many downsides to it that lots of people don't want to bother with it. Personally I don't have the room in my fridge to accomadate tons of cupcakes with W/C and also theres the problem of them sitting out once they arrive at their destination. Buttercream is more versitile therefore most often used.The flavors you mentioned sound great, have you thought of looking at the candy making section at Micheals or Joanns crafts,hobby...
The recipe on this website most of us call is WASC (white almond sour cream cake) is a really great recipe. you use a box mix and add other ingredients to it. You can omit the almond flavor for the white cake and theres a choc version as well.The cake comes out dense but moist and alot of decorators can carve with it so it can stand up to fondant no prob.
I've never used the ready made RKT i've always made my own.Alot of things have been said about omitting the butter in the recipe but i've followed the recipe on the box of rice krispies and never had a problem.An apple is pretty easy to do. Personally the way i've done it is shape and cool my RKT and then cover it in royal icing and let dry, the RI fills in the gaps of the RKT and gives you a smoother appearance when the fondant is applied over it. I'm new to modeling...
Mrsb37, If you are going to travel with the cake it would be a good idea to dowel them for support.
You don't want to make your treats too gooey just follow the recipe on the cereal box.Some people like to cut back on the butter or margarine in the recipe, personally i've never had a prob leaving the recipe alone and working with it that way.I shape them when they are warm to whatever I need them to look like and let them rest a few hours.I've never just made a block and cut it with a knife to the shape, I think I saw that on food network challenge.
This is a really pretty cake! I like the idea of doing the 12" and 6" or the 10" and 6" the space between them really gives alot of attention to the center of the cake where the bow is.Hope this comes out great
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