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These responses are much appreciated and are really good advice. I think I have a better idea of how to handle it now. Thanks everyone
Hi all, I'm looking for alittle advice.  I have had a repeat customer that has just annoyed the crap out of me that I don't want to take anymore orders from. What are some ways to politely tell her HELL NO when they want to order another cake? Long story short this customer is not great at communicating final design until the day before her cake order, she did this to me twice. I know shame on me.. Yes I should've cut her loose the first time and I've def learned my lesson...
Foam core is great stuff for a base. You can find it at JoAnns or Micheals,sometimes even Walmart has it. In CT you can usually get a piece of foam core for about $2.00. Your other option is buying cake circles which most places you have to buy a whole pack which may not be what you need. Hands down the most frugal way to make a cake base is use a pizza box or other cardboard box cut to the size you need. Hope this helps
i'm going to be making a cheeseburger and a beer next to it for the grooms cake. Honestly I think i'm more nervous because i'm going to be at this wedding as a guest (pressure!) i'm going to be sketching out more details tonight. Thanks for your insight
I'm making a wedding cake and grooms cake for a couple that is having 150 guests. I've never made a combo wedding and grooms cake before and i'm having trouble figuring out how to split up the servings between the 2 cakes. Does anyone have experience with this ?
Thank you so much for your advice, I'm not as nervous now.
I'm pretty comfortable covering a square and round cake with fondant. I bought myself a set of hexagon pans and I want to know how hard is it to cover a hex cake in fondant. Are there any tips I should follow? Thanks
Hi all. I volunteered to bake for this function at my daughters school to help raise money. Since i'm new to this cause I was wondering if anyone has ever donated cakes or cookies with a St.Baldricks theme? any ideas i'd really appreciate Thanks!
I have to make a fondant pitbull for a customer as a cake topper. I tried making one and it didn't look good at all. I've googled everything I could think of to get a picture of a pitbull made of fondant and NOTHING comes up. Does anyone have any links or pictures to help? thanks
lol dguerrant my kids have definitely appreciated all the cookies that didn't make it.
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