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I only get good bows with gumpaste. Must be the area I live, or it could just be me. Sorry didn't mean to make it sound like you "had" to use gumpaste. Whichever way works for you is great.
Just in case it isn't clear make sure you make it out of gumpaste. Fondant will be brittle and fall apart once it dries.
That is sooo adorable. Congratulations, you deserve it for sure.
I think you could do it either way, but it would seem easier just to cover the whole cake in pink/green and then put the white over the top.
Thank you.
A question about how to stack an 8" high cake. Do you stack the first 4" and then put a normal layer of icing on top then add your supports and board then continue stacking the next 4", then ice the whole thing like one cake?The whole cake will be covered in fondant, so I am assuming they will be cutting down to the first board and serving the whole top 4" layer first. Then cutting the bottom 4" inches. It won't be able to be unassembled before cutting.I am going to try...
Thank you all. You guys did some fantastic looking cakes. I'll try them dry first, if I can't get it "gold" enough I'll try the paper towel vodka method.
Is there an easy way to paint individual fondant pearls so they look metallic gold? Can I just roll them in a little vodka and then shake them in some gold highlighter? TIA.
The picture looks great. You did a fantastic job. I learn something new everytime I do a cake. If I don't I feel like I've done something wrong.
If you don't want that much filling you could use a smaller round tip to make your dam instead of the coupler. Then you could put the filling level with the dam.
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