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I like Icing Images
Thanks so much, great info. Going to Frog Prince now. Much appreciated
I would love to learn more about packaging. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I see custom labels on cookie bags all the time. How do they do that?? Is there a program that I can download that prints those?
You can buy the cookie sticks at any craft store like a " Michaels" or try on line. Also I used to use skewers baked into the cookie but since I learned how to tape the stick to the bag, I love it.Just tape the stick to the back of the bag( I use clear packaging tape). Then put the cookie in the bag and tie your ribbon around the outside of the stick and around the bag where the opening of the bag is. You are basically tieing the stick to the bag as well as taping; that...
I'm using Icing Images circle frosting sheets on top of wet royal icing. I love this product, it tastes good and is easy to use. One problem I need help with: the edges or borders are pulling up. The frosting circle is not really pulling away from my royal icing and leaving a gap between the royal and the circle, The edges of the circle are pulling the royal icing up with it and then it just makes it hard to get a pretty border around it because I have this little hill I'm...
We own 2 BabyCakes cake pop makers and we love them. The cake recipe that comes with these are delicious. They bake quick and are very easy to use.The taste is like eating a real peice of cake. We don't care for the oher kind of cake pops that have icing in them, the texture is mushy in your mouth.I'm sure it's all personal preference, but once we used the BabyCakes maker we would not go back to any other recipes.Good luck
Yea, they work great and the recipes that come with them are yummy!!!
We have the Baby Cakes cake pop machines and we love them. It's actual cake on a stick. We have 2 makers and when I saw the pans, i thought they would work great because you would get the same texture as our baby cakes makers.Our customers love the texture because it actually tastes like a peice of cake and not a ball of mush; like some of the other recipes.Just a personal preference
That's been happening to me too. With the Americolor Super Red. Anywhere from 24 to 48 hours later my cookies start to get dark spots all over them. I think Sweetopia had a blog about it and they thought maybe the grease from the cookie started to seap thru. I don't think that's the problem but I have yet to figure it out??I had made 3 dozen red dresses for a customer and I had to throw them out and make new ones that I covered with red sugar. This is a frustrating problem...
I like the 1M tip, but I also like the 2D. many people on CC use it. Try it, I think you'll like it and like everyone else said, you just have to keep playing with it.
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