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How do I get tiers shaped like the ones on this cake? Are there pans, or do I carve them? If I have to carve them, any tips/advice?
To get the tiers tapered the way they are in this picture, are there pans in this shape? Or, would I have to shape them myself? If I have to do it myself, any suggestions/pointers?[/img]
Thanks so much! I pretty much thought it was marked, then painted with luster dust. Just making sure.
How do I get the effect that is on the second largest tier? I am talking about the vertical stripes. I need to make something that looks like this.
Mine is a $2 million policy for $300/year. I am insured for cakes and catering business. Mine is through Hartford.
I agree with figuring things out for yourself. I've never taken classes, but I've learned more from my mistakes than I could in any class. After you've done things the "hard way" a few times, you start figuring better ways to do things. Another thing, some people just do not want to take time to use their IMAGINATION in figuring things out. They just want to be spoon fed. Whatever happened to enjoying that great feeling of success when you accomplish something on your own?...
I got mine on Monday. It's fabulous!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much, guys!
I am making a shotgun shell cake. How do I get the correct color for the brass end of the shell?
My policy is a liability policy ( I do catering also). It covers damages I may cause in any facility where I am working. I pay $250/yr. for $2million coverage.
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