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Okay is this the one for math dummies cause if so I need the tutorial. Numbers make sleepy. Can you make one for me and pretend I'm 4. Lol
You can charge more! Any questions?
Whenever my husband buys a new power tool he automatically tells me "No you can't use it to make cakes". Am I that obvious?
All I can say is "$75 my ask". M best cake doesn't look as good as your disaster. Make them pay. I just hate it when people try to get something for nothing.
Please tell me where to get butter pecan cake mix
I love you kakeladi!
I said I'd never use boxed cake mix after I'd learned scratch. Well WASC- Chocolate Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never eat another chocolate cake again.OK you "cake diva's" I know you're gonna come with your Better than anything cakes.
It says reproductions not accepted
I am the queen of substitutions. I'd love to know how this turns out.
How about a blouse with pad locks instead of buttons.
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