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I recently made Sharon's - Sugar Ed Productions buttercream icing and to me it tastes like whipping cream. You can google SugarEdProductions and it shows a you tube clip.
How do you get your fondant round and pointy on the end? I've attached a picture of a cake with vines and the ends are pointy.
Thanks for the good tips. I know sometimes my fondant is to thin and sometimes it's to thick. I got a pasta machine for Christmas maybe I should try it out!
Any tips on how to get your fondant cut outs smooth on the edges? My charachters seem to be rough around the edges and I have noticed several others on this site the edges are cut so smooth.Thanks
I cover my cake dummies with Glad press n seal. It's the greatest thing ever. It sticks really well on the styrofoam and it's easy to remove when your finished and want to start over again.
I ordered the Buttercream yesterday and can't wait to have it delivered.
Great before and after pictures. Which DVD's did you purchase? I know there are several.
When I use a cookie cutter and bake my cookies the shape doesn't stay. I have tried thin cookie dough and thick and they just plump up. It's hard to tell what they are supposed to be. Any ideas from the cookie experts? Thanks.
I too purchase my powdered sugar from Sams (Bakers & Chefs) brand 7 lb. bag. I don't sift it, because it says it's been sifted 10 times. My icing can be lumpy also. I use Crisco purchased from Sams, I thought maybe I needed to try another icing recipe. I currently use the Wilton icing, but I'm going to try Indydebi's Crisco-based buttercream icing next time.
Thanks for all the good information and the link. I can't wait to use marzipan again. Maybe this weekend it's supposed to be very cold in Indiana.
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