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Ok, I'm going to post my opionion and will probably get bashed! I love the FN cake challenges and just can't get enough of them, but I think there's more reality coming out of the show instead of cake decorating. I think there's to much focus on making the show a reality challenge instead of a cake challenge. Don't hate me for saying this, I love the show and will always watch it. Maybe I'm just not watching the way I should be.
Thanks Pastryjen.
Thanks to everyone for the comments.
I get alot of requests for BC icing but fondant strips and various decorations. I have a birthday in July and thought this would be a good present from my husband. Thanks
I'm thinking about purchasing a Sugar Gun and wondered if anyone else has one and what they think about them.
I tipically make fondant decorations early in the week to save on time. I have not had trouble attaching them to BC. I use a dot of BC icing and it stays. Also to keep the fondant fresh looking you can apply crisco to a papertowel and wipe the fondant pieces. I saw this idea someplace.
At the time I was using BC icing only. I have not tried fondant on the press and seal directly.
Great blog, thanks for posting.
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Can you use drinking straws, or special cake straws. If something special were do you purchase them? Thanks
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