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Anyone see the cake challenge last night "Blind Date Cakes" with Anne Heap from The Pink Cake Box? I'm looking for help in making her fantasy flowers. Anyone have ideas/instructions on how to make them? Thanks Janet.
WOW! Looks good to me, nice job.
I made Sugarshack icing again last night and it turned out terrific! I do need a new and bigger KA. Hint, hint to the husband last night. I love the Sugarshack icing, the taste and feel and look of it. I think my biggest problem is the KA. If you follow the instructions from the DVD step by step it does work much better.
I too have been battling the Icing War. I have been making cakes on the side for two years. I know this isn't long compared to the professionals, but it's long for me. I am still trying to find the perfect icing, I have sugarshacks DVD and have watched many times and still can't get all the bubbles out. My KA is a 5qt and icing is overflowing the bowl when I make it. I've tried cutting the recipe in half, but then you gain the whole air thing in the bowl. I thought...
I'm able to view the entries and the rules, but when I click on the voting button under the "View Contest Rules" there's no voting button for each individual entry. Am I doing something wrong!
I only have one kitchenaide, but suggest if you do that much cake baking you need at least two. It's worth more of your time to purchase a second one than to wash all the time. Have fun!
thanks peg818, I just place an order from Sugarart.
If any one has seen the cookie DVD from Susan Carberry, she show wedding dress cookies and how to decorate them. She uses a very small mold to make the delicate fondant roses to go on the cookie wedding dresses. Does anyone know where to purchase the molds?Thanks
Anyone watch Part 2? I really enjoyed the show this time. And I loved all the cakes. Can't wait for Part 3 next week.
I always double or triple stack my circles (on the bottom layer only) or use a sturdy board for support. Even if I stack at home or transport and stack onsite.
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