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WOW! I'm not using nearly enough powdered sugar. I only use 9 cups. Thanks I'll add more tonight and see what happens. Thanks.
Yes, for two days it was refrigeratated. I then decorated with a few fondant decorations and finished trimming with icing. I always keep my icing refrigerated as well, until I'm ready to use it. I know it's a learning process, but wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. I'll try adding more powdered sugar. Thanks
It is very humid here in Indiana. I use 5 cups crisco and 9 - 9 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. Being more humid should I add mor powdered sugar?
I use Sugarshacks icing recipe and love it. But it doesn't seem to crust. I like my icing to be smooth but also hold it's shape when decorating and trimming. Anyone have any suggestions, more powdered sugar! Thanks
What about straws! I have seen this on CakeCentral. You can cut them any size you need. I know you can purchase online large whole straws, I forget what they were called. Hope this helps
I knew there had to be more to the story. I have seen some pretty fancy boards and knew they weren't foil or fondant. I was going to try wrapping paper and cover it with clear freezer paper or I could use the glad press n seal. That's the best thing ever invented. thanks
I purchased the foil from the cake store that I shop at in town. I asked the owner about it as well, just to make sure I do the wright thing. I have always covered my cak boards with the foil from her store or purchased at Hobby Lobby in the Wilton aisle. thanks
When covering your cake boards do you purchase the wrapping from a cake decorating store, or can you use any type of gift wrapping paper. I've seen several boards on this site covered and I was wondering what everyone used. I know some boards are covered in fondant, but some seem to be paper. Thanks.
Thanks Tara, I did send an email. Hopefully she will respond. I remember the fantasy flower taught in the Wilton class also. It just doesn't look the same as Anne's. Thanks everyone.
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