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Thanks everyone who replied. Great pictures and ideas. I can't wait to make the cake.
I'm making a cake this week for a friends little girl. She is a girly girl and loves jewelry. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
Hello All. I made two gallons of icing thursday night, trying to plan ahead. Went to I.U. Bloomington Hoosier Hysteria Friday night and visited my son. I have 30 batman cookies and a batman cake this week. Four smash cakes for a first birthday for twin girls and a 1/2 sheet cake for work. I love baking for friends and family and donating cakes for work. Have a good weekend.
Here's a link to a tutorial. I hope it helps.URL:
That's what I was thinking also, especially since I'm using Chocolate fondant and not gumpaste. I don't want it to be hard. thanks It also has to be shinny. Any suggestions on how to get chocolate fondant shinny would be greatly appreciated.
When do you place fondant swags on B/C cake? Before delivery or after cake has been delivered? How far in advance can the swags be made?
I've got a wedding cake due in October and the bride is making a fake flower arrangement for the top tier. How do I attach it to the top tier? Thanks
OMG! That's scarry. I'm entering a cake in the KY State Fair this weekend under the Birthday catagory. I'm going home tonight and double check my tag.
You're not the only one! I still struggle with roses and writting on cakes, but I keep practicing. I figure one day it will click with me.
Well I ordered the Sweetex Hi-ratio shortening. I've used the CK brand before and loved it. I just thought I could get by with Crisco. I ordered from The Baker's Kitchen and someone had a writeup regarding Crisco and that they had changed there shortening. sometimes you have to learn the hard way
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