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I have also tried Duff's fondant and have found it to soft. I tried to make roses last night and it was way to soft and greasy. I ended up not using it at all. I will have to purchase Satin Ice to finish my cake. I agree it tastes great!
Thanks everyone I can't wait to try this.
Langranny execellent idea. Thanks
These are all good suggestions, some I thought of also. You have raised some more questions for me though. I need to ask if it's just the raspberry flavor they want or do they want raspberry filling oozing out of the cake ball. I assumed filling oozing out of the cake ball, if that's the case the suggestion Crabbabs had might be something to try.Thanks again.
I have a co-worker wanting lemon cake balls with raspberry filling inside and then dipped in white chocolate. Any ideas on how to incorporate the raspberry filling inside the balls? Thanks for any suggestions.
I bought mine from HSN, it should arrive 4/26.
Thank's for the responses. I ordered a cricut cake hoping that would help. I'm all thumbs with fondant. And they never come out as clean. Thanks
How do you make your fondant decorations? Do you trace them from a pattern, use a projector. It takes me hours to make them, just wanted so new ideas. Thanks
What size cake pans do you use to carve a football jersey? Need instructions, template anything you can provide. Making one this weekend. Thanks
I'm a Hobby Baker also. It is expensive and I to use Christmas money and Birthday money to purchase items. I purchas lot of cake decorating items from Hobby Lobby and use my 40% off coupons. I never pay full price. If I see something at Target, I wait until I have a HL coupon and purchase it. Most of my cakes are for family and friends and they usually give a donation to help cover larger costs of something special. I love cake decorating so much it's not about the...
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