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Is anyone experienced in using floweral wire to make cake decorations for the tops of cakes. I will be making a baby shower cake in a couple of weeks and my client wants it to be whimsical with wire arrangement on top.thanks
I like the gift idea. Secret (Fondant) Santa.
Janet KieslerKieslerKakes - Yes I will be attending.LIST TO ATTEND FIRST CAKE CENTRAL FORUM MEETING IN LOUISVILLE, KY (First Saturday in September, 2008 after Labor Day)
The cost is minimal for me. If only 10 people commit it's $10.00 a person. That's still reasonable. I would hope for more people the more fun and exciting information being shared. I'm addicted to cake decorating and everything about it!
Count me in, KieslerKakes. I was at Campbell's last night. I'm taking the cake decorating classes from Lyda Snow - she is great! Susan at Campbell's always has new items. I would suggest a short tour of the place or some time to wonder for those that have never been there before. There is a great restaurant (SalsaRita's) in the same shopping area. I would like to see others work, so if you have pictures or special technics you are famous for that would be great. I...
Count me in!
I'm open to this summer!
I'm a new commer to the lovely world of cake decorating and would enjoy meeting and talking cake with everyone.
Looking for experienced MMF users. I tried using MMF and found it was very sticky. I just cornstarch on my mat and crisco on my hands and the MMF stuck to my hands like crazy. Are you to only use the cornstarch? Has anyone applied color to the MMF? It seemed as I worked the MMF it became very sticky.
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