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I love these flowers. It looks like three different size flower cutters, frilled and placed on top of each other.
Thanks, this is great.
I use wax paper on bottom and sides. No mess, no fuss, no spraying. The cakes are easy to store with wax paper left on.
Ok, the DVD was from Sugar Delites - Jennifer Dontz. If you search under Cathyscakes July 8th post she also talks about the wax paper method and how level the cakes are. I suggest you purchase the DVD and see for yourself before deciding it doesn't work.
I'll find out more information tonight when I get home and find out the video owner. I'll post more then. You cut the wax paper a little larger than your cake pan so one piece covers the bottom and the sides. Smooth it out so you don't have an wrinkles. Also I use box cake mixes, I just bake for family and friends so I don't invest in alot of extra tools. I try to use things I have at home.
Without being at home looking at my DVD's, I think it was a Sugarcraft video that demonstarted this.
I don't know, but it works. Wax paper on the bottom and sides.
I've been doing the wax paper trick. You line your pans with wax paper, no spraying or anything. Once they cook they pop right out. The cakes can be stored out in the open with the wax paper still attached and a piece of clear wrap over the top. The cakes are very moist and you don't have to wash after each baking. Remember to trim the excess wax paper from the edges or they will smell when the cake is cooking. I saw this on a cake video I have at home, can't...
Yep, I called. Thanks.
Yippee! I'm running to my local WalMart after work to purchase the Lite Cupcake Wrapper cartridge. Just when you thought Friday couldn't get any better.............payday..........and leftover cupcakes in the office today!!!
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