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We had a similar problem and finally cured it by spreading Amdro Ant Block around the whole perimeter of our house. It is a bait that they carry back to their nest and share. In about three days we had no sign of ants and so far still none for the past 6 - 8 weeks. Amdro is available at Home Depot and Lowes. Press N' Seal is great, but they still need to be eliminated. Good luck with making them extinct!
I've had good luck using the powdered color by CK Products, then finish up with the red gel. Powdered also seems to not leave a taste.
I use Lorann also, and it tastes great! A rule of thumb that I follow is 5 drops per pound of icing and it seems to work out fine. Lorann offers a large selection of flavors also.
Awesome! Good job! Gil
Compaq was merged with HP. Canon is a separate company. If it is an IJ300 it is a Compaq. Gil
Hi! I used styrofoam forms from my local cake deco supply. Covered with Saran Wrap and then decorated just like a real cake. It gave the illusion of a larger cake without a lot of waste. Gil
OOPS! Sorry everyone. That's where I get my regular ink from. My edible comes from Glad I haven't had to order lately!! I last ordered the refill kit and it seemed to work great when I ran out of black as I was printing an image. Again, sorry for the mislead. Gil
I have the Canon IP4000, 5 tank printer. The ink will dry if it isn't used for an extended time. I have protected the ports by removing the cartridges and covering them with the original tape then scotch tape over that. When I need it again a couple of automatic cleanings and they're good as new in most cases. The best source I've found for the ink is at Gil
I finally made it through my daughters wedding. She wanted me to do the cake and left it up to me as to how it would look. Of course, my being a perfectionist and wanting the best didn't help--LOL! Due to my full time job, I had to enlist a little help from my wife and another daughter who also decorates. Here is a pic and there are close ups in my photos. BTY the four satelite cakes are decorated dummies!PS Any suggestions for next time are welcome.
Don't worry about the taste, there isn't any! I have one that I'm learning to use, and I'm self taught. Just do it as they say! I'm NOT an artist so I can't do portraits or such things but I have used it some. You can see some examples I've used in my photos. The bowling ball and lanes, dinosaur, indian, & school building were all partially airbrused. I'll help if I can. Just PM me. Good luck with it.
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