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Hobby Lobby actually has a cheese cloth mold located in the clay isle. This would probably give a more defined look. 4.99 plus 40% off this week. HTH
I don't bellieve the SCAL program that works with Cricut is available anymore. All the websites I checked only have version 3 and it will not work with Cricut.
Tinacakes is there anyway you can send me a copy of it. I still can't get it to open. Thanks. has a cute one under their free files. I just can't seem to get it to download. You might have better luck.""
Thanks, I searched her name and found exactly what I needed. Thanks again.
I believe I saw a post on CC about this cake. Does anyone have a link to it? Thanks.
For anyone interested I just got email saying Rebecca Sutterby will be teaching her method of cake sketching and design on the next CakeFu Master's Series.
platinumlady, I've searched for one also and cake design software is hard to find. I do agree that Wedding Cake Design Pro was the best I found also. And from the screenshots, it looks like a very good program. I'd love to have it, but just got the cricut cake. So one new toy at a time. If you do purchase it, please let me know what you think about it.
Some of Sugar Diva's sketches look done by hand others look like they were done with computer program such as Wedding Cake Design Pro by ToppleStone. Its not too expensive, only catch is like the Cricut to get different shapes or images you have to buy "Expansion Packs".
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