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Ok, I'm about to post my chocolate cake recipe, sorry for the delay!!
I have a chocolate cake recipe that has the richness of a brownie with the texture of a perfect cake. I would love for you to try it if you are interested. It is fabulous. It blows the doors off any other recipe I've found.
I use all butter and cold whipping cream - but I add the whipping cream about mid way through so that the butter is nearly mixed completely with the sugar, that way it can't react. : )
Can you post the whole recipe? I am thinking you have an issue with the whipping cream turning to butter..but I can't say unless I can research the full recipe. : )
I just used a thick piece of fondant, then put it on a cooling rack so it could get air on both sides, and just kind of bent it here and there, sticking small pieces of plastic wrap rolled up to hold the waves. It is dry in 24 hours.
I bet it would be awesome to put that on a longer piece of fondant, made kind of wavy and you could paint it or write with an edible ink pen. Also you could print it on the computer, then lay it over your fondant and trace the font- then it indents and you can trace with icing from there! . I have the scrolly fondant piece on some of my cakes if it would make more sense to see it. . Glad you like it! Have a great afternoon! Back to 80's cupcake toppers!
You could use maye a plastic bowl lid or something...but accurately peeling it of may be a challenge.
I have plastic containers that have the lid attached and snap closed - they came from Wal-Mart. Very easy storage and transport. I bought an old antique armoir for my dining room that holds all of my cake supplies. I used the label maker to label all of the containers.
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