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will do. thank you ladies x
hi. I'm currently doing a course that should give me a qualification to teach adults in the community. my question is if anyone knows if there are any codes of practice or legislative requirements set out that i may have to adhere to that are specific to sugar art?i've looked on the british sugar artists guild website and can't find anything on there.seems as though we can just go out and teach by our own rules as long as we stick to IFL (institute for learning) policies...
here's a betty cake i did recently.
AnotherCaker original txt....Babelfish and Google translate does a sort of ok job, if you upload your text there first and translate. People are smart enough to figure out what you mean. In fact, I'll do it now with what I just typed. Let's see how it works.according to Babalfish you said........This is this that as soon as I have written over. Babelfish and Google Translate are a job kind ok, if to load your text c' it is before and translate. People are enough...
could you not use food tins? baby food tins? i've keep a pudding tin that's about 4" a sweet corn tin that's about 3" and a baby food one. they bake up perfectly and no wasted cake!!!
hi, the things i started out with and could still not live with out are...1) a fondant smoother2) a really good rolling pin and a little one for smaller details, (the non stick plastic one's)3) a selection of little pallet knives, great for picking up small flowers/ detail bits and also loosening small strips of fondant from the work top.4) parchment paper is great for making your own piping bags5) pro-plus for all those long nights your just about to expose your self...
apparently if you brush them with a little oil it stops the fondant sticking in them. i always use a little cornflower which always works
Hi. I'm also from the uk so might be able to give you some pointers. Powered sugar is icing sugar and as for the fondant you can buy that in any supermarket for around £2.50 - £3.00 per kg (probably cheaper than making it). I would recommend buying either the silverspoon or Dr oetker brands as the shops own ones always tend to stick and have a very sickly sweet taste. ohh and the ready rolled stuff has a very artificial taste as well. hope this helps.
I always put some non slip matting in the boot of my car when i'm delivering cakes as the boxes have a tendency to slide from side to side when i'm driving. my blood pressure has dropped dramatically since i started using it.
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