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I just did this for my MIL so I probably went overboard with packing. First I got candy boxes so I didn't put too many in a box together. Lined the bottom with paper towels and thin foam. Put the cakeballs in cupcake liners and put them in snugly. Then topped with more paper towels and foam so they didn't shake at all. Then I put the boxes (4 total) in a larger box completely surrounded with foam and the air pockets that come in deliveries. The final box was probably 4x as...
I have started doing that....putting a thin layer of buttercream on the cake side underneath fillings. I'm not sure whether it really matters, but it makes me feel better I haven't done that exact combination but I've done a lemon WASC with raspberry filling and it was wonderful!Good luck!
I just very gently press the top of the cardstock into the icing as I move it around the cake, just enough make an indent. Does that make sense?HTH
I did cupcake decorating for my daughter's party a few years ago. I made two cupcakes a piece. One to eat there instead of cake and one to take home.I made 4-5 different colored icing and put each into two different bags with different tips (got the disposable bags). Also chip clips are great to hold the bags closed at the end because they don't always know how to keep it twisted to keep the pressure up.I got a bunch of sprinkles and candies (gummy works, super mini...
Thanks so much for taking up this issue! It's very frustrating to know we are surrounded by states that make this issue so much easier!I actually was able to testify a few years ago but was unable to last year. It was quite an experience.Let us know what we can do to help.
Melvira,Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to check it out. It always helps me to have a visual to look at in addition to the recipe.Thanks again for all of your knowledge and time!
I'm sorry if this was answered in on an earlier page, I tried to read through all of them...Melvira, what was the video you saw on YouTube? I did a search and found a bunch. Thanks in advance!
Sharon,Thanks so much for responding. My icing consistency has always changed while icing (turning fluffier) but its just recently that I've noticed the little chunks. They are soft and I can smoosh them but I wasn't sure why.I'll have to try your directions for the chocolate next time. I think I had the right idea, but didn't alternate the liquid and ps.Thanks again for all of your expertise!
Update:I added about 2 cups of cocoa to the shortening mix. The taste and color were great but it made the BIGGEST mess! I even took out some of the PS to compensate. My mixer really struggled with it and it didn't get same super smooth consistency.Sharon- any tips????
I was thinking about a cup as well. I want to add the cocoa when creaming the shortening or its not speckled, so I want to get as close as I can at the beginning. Thanks for the advice!
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