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LOL! You know that old rule that says you shouldnt use your own stash for persoanl i doubt they'd fork any over for me to use.  And this cake is for a father who used to partake in the inhaling of the mellow fellow.   At first I thought that it was the real deal, but its perfectly cylinder, so most likely it is a cake. And I too thought that it was a combination of the star and leaf tip. I'll give it a test run and see if that'll do.
... for the life of me, I cannot think of what technique to use to duplicate the buds. It almost appears to be some type of star tip, airbrushed, and sprinkled wit something or an orangish tint.       Help!
It has taken me a week to read this entire thread (as I wanted to ensure that I wouldn't post a duplicate pet peeve), but I absolutely detest when someone asks if I will "make a cake in lieu of a gift" said that I was going to give a gift?
Does anyone have possession of a letter to propose a partial refund to a customer? Thanks in advance!
How much would you charge if this were cake. I would start with that rate, subtract the difference in labor hours; subtract the difference in supply cost and overhead (electricity/water) costs, and base it on the remaining figure
I also use vinegar to clean my work area. In addition to that, I purchased several vinyl chairmats to cover my immediate work area.
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