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Nevada now has a  cottage food law effective July 1st, 2013!  
Does anyone have a chart that shows how much fondant it takes to cover topsy turvy tiers?
Help! Why can't I find the glaze transfer instructions?
Thanks everyone for the advice and links!
Is there a good doctored cake mix recipe for chocolate cake that is moist but does not use instant pudding in the recipe?
I am making butter-cream with shortening and butter and want it to be whiter. Will the Americolor white do the trick?
Can you make a whipped ganache from snarkbybaker's blender ganache?
Although I don't gamble I live by Vegas! You definitely need dice. Other common items would be cards and the colored chips they use on the gaming tables.
I was set to order fondarific (it's so easy to work with) but then stumbled upon Elite Fondx. They sound very similar. Has anyone had experience with both and do you prefer one over the other?
Fondarific black is so easy to work with. I covered a cake with it and loved it. I had to order it online. No problems with cracking or being dry.
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