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Holy cow, that looks amazing! thank you for sharing!
Snowflake, thank you so very much for your compliment! It's heartwarming to think somebody on CC loves my work.  I'm not a professional baker and it's always been a hobby of mine, i just recently started looking into making it an actual business.  So it's great to see people think my skillz don't suck :)
Jedi Knight, I agree with you, I wouldn't treat it as a sculpted cake, since I didn't sculpt anything (though my discovery of that basket weave qualified by the time I spent on it teehee).  I treated it as a cake with two tiers with time-consuming decorations.  The flowers (hydrangeas) were new to me, so took longer because I was leaning them, but now would go much, much faster.  
Ok, that is exactly how I priced it out ;)
thank you! You are definitely undercharging. I don't see how it would even pay for your ingredients, if it's a specialized cake with luster dusts, etc..
HI Denise! thank you for the kind words.  Are you basing the $240 on 40 servings or 62? I see a lot of people say they measure cake slices as 1X2, not 1.5X2. 
K8, thank you for your input and the comliment :) No, I didn't design a cake as I was going :) I talk with a customer, get their ideas, design a sketch, we go back and forth until we have THE cake on paper, then I price it out and move forward.  I'm not a professional baker, so a lot of things still take me longer than they should.  The cakes are made in my home kitchen, with limited space and equipment.  That will always equal longer time.  I have a regular KitchenAid...
here ya go :)
I'm actually going to invest in CakeBoss software and really break down the cake in there. I kept track of how many batches of batter each flavor took and how much ganache i used, so I feel I will be able to come pretty close to estimating what ingredients cost. Not too sure about how to price sugar flowers. But estimated five hours and charged $20 an hour, but it took me way longer:)
Thank you, remnant ;)   Jedi, good questions.. I haven't added up what the inedible cost, will do that tonight.  The cake probably took about 20 hours.  I didn't count exactly.  I'm slower than I should be with a lot of things, I realize, and getting faster and faster at a lot of things.     I want to find that balance between what a cake should really be priced at and what people would be willing to pay (NOT comparing my work to Costco or anything like that).  Just...
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