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Something else to consider is that a job is work and a hobby is for enjoyment. Realistically, if you want to keep loving cake decorating, you shouldn't do it for work. There have been multiple studies done that show that when people get paid to dosomething they enjoy it less, for a wide range of reasons. It isn't realistic to expect to feel passionately enthusiastic about decorating all the time, but if you actively resent doing something that you don't have to do you...
This, exactly. Especially about the part where kids don't care what your job is.
I would use fondant to make my life easier, But if you HAVE to use buttercream, ice it first in white, then use a very thin layer of black icing over that. Don't airbrush it because that will leave the color sitting on top of the icing, not in it, and if something touches it you'll get a mark that shows white through it.   For the color, just thin the buttercream out with corn syrup and drip it right on there.
Adding orange to the red also helps.
And here:
@MimiFix I usually give the phone to my kids in situations like that, they're much better at talking nonsense off the cuff than I am.   Yelp is a total scam. They encourage people to pay them to advertise and promise that if you do they'll puch bad reviews down on your list and push the good ones higher so people don't see the bad ones. They're being sued right now by someone who was one of their review writers who write a ton of htem for no pay at all. I'll try to find...
It's not just clients who are cheap, though. There was a dustup on here recently when a member decided to sell something instead of giving it away. I also get complained to for not handing info over for free.
It's very political.
Welcome to the world of weddings and backstabbing and getting it in writing. An email doesn't constitute a contract, and there's really nothing that you can do. I know the other bakery and they do a lot of volume, so they can probably afford to give the country club a low rate, which is all the club cares about. He also has a fairly well-known name in the area, so that probably played into it to a certain extent. If people can go outside of their package and hire bakers...
I did a youtube video on how to make candy clay, and somebody left a comment about how I meant to say modeling chocolate. I wrote back that no, it wasn't chocolate and I meant to say candy clay because it used candy melts, not chocolate. So I try...But based on the comments on that video I changed the format to allow comments only when approved so that I could edit out the DUH moments.
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