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Hahahaha! At one point I was thinking of doing one called "how to crack an egg" but that was only because I have a friend who seriously can't crack an egg without getting it all over herself and the counter. Here's one that my son did when he was in 6th or 7th grade. The funny thing is that people have edited it, added photos, etc. He said his favorite line in it is "savor the flavor."
I'm doing a tutorial a day December thing to amuse myself, and I'm pretty much out of ideas. I've been doing short ones that I can demo on short videos, but if anyone has ideas about something you'd like to see demo-ed either on youtube or on my blog please give me some suggestions! There are too many cake tutorials out there now and when I think of something I tell myself it's been done before or whatever, so I second-guess myself and don't do whatever it is. Any...
I don't know about that specific color, but if you tested it with a little piece and started light you could try it out before doing the whole batch. Wilton has Juniper or Moss Green that would both work for sage. It just depends on what shade you want to end up with.
Who are you going to be selling to? The idea of giving out cupcakes is fine but make sure that you're putting them into the hands of people who will pass your name along, or who will order more from you for office functions. Hairdressers might be good because they talk to so many people, but they might not bother to mention you at all unless the conversation comes up about cakes etc. If you're not doing decorated cakes (you didn't say how far you'd go with the decorations)...
I've stencilled round cakes many times...You just have to make sure you follow the tips in the post above, and take your time! If your cake is buttercream make sure it's super cold so that you can press on the stencil without ruining the buttercream surface.
That's what I said before the ipad ate my post
Stupid ipad ate my post.
The two year old probably thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.
That has to be it, though. The thing on the top, the two dots, and the side things that look like handles...And the attempt at red icing that sadly fell short of an actual red and ended up more like the color of a pallid kidney.
What the heck is it? My daughter speculated that it might be the house in the mickey Mouse Clubhouse show because of the two button dots, but we looked it up and there's no resemblance.
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