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excellent point!
If they're pretty solid you can just wrap them in bubble wrap and send them. Anything thin or fragile is riskier and you'll have to experiment. Send some things to a friend and see how they travel before you figure out what works and what doesn't.
You're not going to get a good black after about 5 minutes with a food coloring marker, it will gum up and be grey. You need to press onto the fondant to get a really dark color with those, and painting it on with a brush would take about half an hour and won't dent the fondant. That's not a big deal, I wouldn't charge extra for it, it's freeform and there's no set pattern to it, so if you make a mistake you can just paint over it and change the design a little.
What exactly are you mailing? You have to pack different things differently, and some things are pretty much guaranteed to break in transit so it isn't worth trying.
It can go off, but it also does have a flavor and if you use too much it can make the icing taste nasty.
I'd use a flat tip like you'd use to do a basketweave. Start at the top and do one row, then work your way down the cake. You'll need a steady hand and a good turntable.
Use a paintbrush and black airbrush color. Food coloring markers won't give you that dark a black color. That really won't take that long to do as long as you know how to draw. If you don't know how to draw, I don't know.
that's funny, because I have people who come to me and without me even asking they say they don't want the sharp edge. I think that the sharp edge thing started around the time of the "cake tv" boom, when so many people started doing cakes. Thing is, they were looking at pictures of dummy cakes in magazines without knowing it, so the standard was based on a styrofoam dummy that you can easily get a sharp edge on. I remember a few years ago when people online were saying...
I think that I did like it okay in meringue buttercream, but it just isn't my thing. I like my chocolate as dark as possible. That super low-sugar version they're selling now is right up my alley and white chocolate is as far from that as you can get.
Yeah, it used to be that rounded edges were upscale, but then for some reason decorators started insisting that sharp edges were the goal. I think it's one of those new vs. old decorators things, the longer you've been doing it the less likely you are to think of a sharp edge as something you have to have. And to me white chocolate ganache is sickly sweet... I just don't like white chocolate, though. I wouldn't be able to cover a cake with it, I just think it's too much....
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