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Sometimes I have this happen to me as well.  I believe it's just because the cupcakes are so moist it makes th liners peel away.  Not sure how to remedy this, but just know you're not the only one.  Perhaps the foil liners would hold up better?  Or silicone?
I would think it's Tip 1M angled about 45deg and swirled... This is only a guess though since I have never tried it. :)  Good luck!
I try baking coloured dots in my cakes (2nd attempt now), and I'm not sure how to keep the coloured cake balls within the batter... They seem to rise with the cake and end up above the level line, so when I do level the cake, I'm taking away part of my dots. Anyone have any tips on how to avoid this from happening??
I found with Wilton Candy Melts if I added colour, they would just stiffen the melts...just an FYI I did a similar cake to this style last year and just used thinned royal icing in squeeze bottles...and although it was quite messy on my table (covered with a new/cheap shower curtain) the end effect was awesome!!  I purchased Americolor Electric gels to use for the colouring.  Good luck! 
I'm not sure about the blue part...but I've had luck with painting white on black fondant using Wilton White White - I usually use that to make my icing white, but when I needed to paint white on black, it worked like a charm!  Good luck!
Hello fellow CC'ers. I've been asked to recreate a 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee car for a friend - her boyfriend just bought his very own and it's his birthday coming up. Now she mentioned to me - less cake with more detail. She's all about the details of his car - she must have given me about 30 different pictures of this car to work from. I think I'm going to do okay, but there is one issue that I can't seem to wrap my head around:This person belongs to a car club...
I think the airbrush is going to be the way to go - I'll just obviously have to be more patient with letting each layer dry completely (that's what tests are for, right?). I think it looks okay - and I think I blended the blue to be pretty close.My next question would be, how does one secure the template to the cake so that the colours don't blend like some of my spot did? I made the template from parchment paper and taped it with small pieces of tape around the cake,...
That's sort of what I'm figuring too since it's Duff's cake - I'm going to attempt something like it today. I guess there's not time like the present to get your airbrushing skills mastered...right? haha Thanks!
Nothing hey? Ya, that's what I thought. I did find out that Duff at Charm City Cakes made this cake - no wonder it looks so flawless.Anyways, if you have ANY ideas...let me know.
Hey fellow CC'ers,I've been asked to do a mountian wedding in May this year, and I have come across an effect block on how to achieve the blue mountains on the side of this cake (the picture was supplied by the customer, I'm not sure who did this cake). I have thought about just doing it out of buttercream, but on the picture it seems there are no signs of the images sticking out from the cake. I've also thought of airbrushing, but that's one smooth and solid air...
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