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Well sort of job. My brother is getting married in December, and I have offered to do their rehearsal dinner cake (Grooms cake) as a gift. This will be for roughly 60 people. I wanted to possibly top the cake somehow with chocolate covered strawberries. Anyone have any advice on doing a Grooms cake?
I baked another cake today and used the flower nail in the middle. It worked wonderfully! Thank you all for your responses!
The last couple of cakes I have baked, I am having trouble with getting an even bake on them. I'm sure this is a classic problem. I am fairly new to cakes and so I am contemplating buying Wilton's bake even strips. Does anyone have any feedback on these?   What are some of the other reasons that the outer edges of the cake will cook perfectly, but the inner circly seems to not get cooked all the way? I have tried baking the cake longer than the recipie recommends,...
Hi everyone. I am new to this website and forum. I am wondering if anyone has good simple step by step instructions on how to construct tiered cake. (i.e wooden dowels, seperator plates, etc). I am fairly new to cake decorating and just trying to see how everyone does theirs. Thank you!
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