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I wrap my buttercream cakes with ribbon all the time.  You need to "pre-grease" the entire ribbon with Crisco before wrapping.  Keep in mind, this tends to darken the ribbon color, but you will not get any grease spots.
Use it. It's fine
How were the sheets stored? If the edges were crumbling away, it sounds to me that they dried out. I've used edible images a small handful of times and they were soft and pliable.
The Martha Stewart Cricut is the same as the others, just white color.
I found this on the website:Economically priced Solid color all the way through, no white cut lines Bends without cracking Cut with backing left on for sanitary work Cuts easily and cleanly, even with the most intricate designs Paint, stamp, draw, punch, quill, etc. Works with the following cutters models: Gazelle, Wishblade, Craft Robo, KnK, Cricut and the Silhouette are just a few
I've seen some at Sur La Table but they are pricey. I think a small 4 inch ring was about $9-$10. I didn't look at bigger rings because the price tag turned me off.
Regular way: better tasteBabycakes: faster ,but does not taste as good (good, but not as good)
I bought Make the Cut, used it for one month and now it no longer works. Last month, I bought Sure Cuts A Lot 2 (but this time I bought it on disk). My mistake on Make The Cut was buying it as an instant download instead of a disc. They've updated their software and it no longer cuts on CRICUT.With the disc, I will always have the exact software that runs on CRICUT. Once SCAL2 gets caught up in the Provocraft lawsuit, they too will have to change their software but the...
If you're in a hurry , you can leave it at room temp for 45-60 minutes and it should be good to go.
I'm leaning towards a 2 tier cake, one tier for each birthday recipient. My personal opinion would be to not do a red, white, and blue 4th of July theme. It just seems to detract away from their special day and seems to be a cake for the entire family. After all, I wouldn't make a Christmas themed cake for a birthday party on Christmas.
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