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Let's see I have to giant screw cabinets that hold my tips, souplers, glower nails and such. And then I have small little 3 drawer plastic cabinets that hold my luster dust and my cutters,shimmer dust. Everything else is just in different drawers. See my whole downstairs is my shop. My colors sit on elevated shelves on top of another cabinet. Soory this is so long. I get carried away LOL
my collection starts at 1973 and goes from there kathy
I am so very sorry to hear about your son. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this very sad time. God bless you and your family.
The one that I used was from Michaels. It must of been treated with something but it was the one that left the taste in the cake. I will check out home depot and see about theirs. Thanks for the tip I knew I could count on friends here at CC!
When making a stacked wedding cake and you want to put a dowel rod down the center into all 3 layers to hold it, where can you find dowel rods that long? The wilton rods are definitely not long enough. I'm afraid to use any dowel rod because I did that one time and it left an awful taste in the cake. That was a long time ago I'm still leary of using just anything. Could someone tell me what they use. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks...
Count me in!!! A cupcake forum would be the greatest.
I have a bride that wants chocolate cake, chocolate filling, and covered in white fondant. That's fine but my chocolate filling I am not to pleased with. It's run its course so to speak. I want something really good for her cake. I have seen a lot of great recipes in the files but could you guys recommend one. I know they are all great but I need pointed in the right direction. I have received so many great tips from here, so point me and I will go LOL ...
Beautiful cake, you have every reason to be proud!!!
I'm still looking for a couple of old pans could you pm me so I can tell you what I am looking for ? Thanks In Advance Kathy (snowynight)
My Dad knew a couple who's last name was love. When their daughter was born they named her True and then when their son came along there was a fight between his mom and dad because he was determined to name him careless. Can you imagine !!!!
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