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Don't do anything to it. It is perfect the way it is. Beautiful work!!!
Reynolds has come out with a battery operated vacuum sealer with bags that I bought just for fondant. I have a foodsaver but this thing is a lot smaller and not as hard to drag out and use. They are about 9.00 for the unit and I believe the bags run around 3.25 for the quart size. I got mine at wal mart. Hope that helps.
Putting up with me for 27 years is a feat in its self. He has been right there through all my surgeries and has waited on me hand and foot. He does all the dishes. Amd now he wants to learn how to make frosting so he can help me out more. He's just a little sweetie!!!!
God Bless you and your family and this most sad of times. This special angel will always know how much they were loved.
I worked in a discount store and one morning, I was standing there in my little vest and name tag and the whole thing when a women walked up and very politely said " do you work here". I said no mam I don't and so help me she said " oh thank you " and walked off. I just stood there shaking my head.
I can really date myself. When I would go to the drive in movies with my parents I would always wait to see if they would show richie rich or chilly willy cartoons. Those were my favorites. Now I know I am ancient!!!!!!
There is a seller on ebay right now that has 7 makins extruders for 2.95 brand new. 2.95 s&h. You can look and see if these are the ones you want the item number is 140263306640.Hope it's what you're looking for!!!!
I have a wedding coming up soon and I need a good chocolate cake that is yummy and will stand up under fondant. I've never made the WASC could I make a chocolate cake out of it and use it? Maybe just add cocoa to it? Sorry for all the questions. TIA Kathy
Mine is my hubby and our dog Candy. She's part chow and part border collie. She used to get in hubbys lap and take a nap just the way she is laying. And believe me they both snore. LOL
I need spelling lessons too!
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