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Thanks for the great tutorial I know this will help me with my bows. Edna you are the greatest!! Thanks for always sharing that fantastic talent of yours! Kathy
Beautiful cake Debi! You do everything top notch as always!
I always use disposable bags because I feel I can never get the other ones clean enough. But I have a problem with wilton's disposable. I started using kee seal bags. They are fantastic! I am never afraid of them bursting with some of the stiffer frostings. They are a little more expensive than wilton but to me well worth it. And the biggest thing for me they don't slip in your hands either. you can check them out at Hope that gives you an idea.
I just looked at your cakes, they are fantastic I don't believe you are going to have any problems at all. All I can say is congrats and the best of luck. Make sure you post pics when the construction is finished!
They're all good but I like #2
that is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it on the cake. Congratulations and may you have a long and happy life together!!!!!
Congratulations it is very well deserved!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie I don't know if this helps but I'm from NC to, and when I picked out my name I went to the register of deeds office to see if any one else had the name and when I found out they didn't I took it registered it and now its mine. I forgot what the charge was but it wasn't much. Like I said hope that helps.Oh yea I like the name cozy cakes!
I just used it for the first time on a 3 tiered wedding cake it was great I'm sold on the SPS system!!
Does anyone have the directions for the red dragon with the knight or the golden dragon in the clouds? I have a birthday cake coming up for a little boy that dearly loves dragons. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. TIA
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