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I know this has been asked a million times but could someone tell me where I can go to get my pictures resized so I can put them on CC. I had a place written down and of course I can't find it now. You know the old thing you put it up so you won't lose it and guess what! LOL TIA
Don't know if it's true but I was told that the original red velvet recipe got it's red color from pureed sugar beets. Sugar back then was hard to come by so they used the beets for sweetness and it added the color as well. So much for the history lesson huh!!!
I can google the company. I guess they are for real. I had not looked them up before. It just sounded to good to be true. It's called Retail in Motion located in Dublin Ireland. I guess I eat crow on this one! There is no way that I can meet that kind of production, sure wish I could. Oh well I guess my chance to be a cookie millionaire just went out the window.
I just received a letter that is to good to be true. It is from a company in another country that says they are moving their business to the US and they service Airlines but they also service sports stadiums and they want to know if I can furnish them with individually wrapped cookies at 2 millions units per year!!!!! Has anyone else gotten this? It just doesn't sound right to me. There just seems to be a screw loose somewhere. I don't think I'll trust this one. What...
All though I am usually the quiet one and I am lurking in the back ground just reading, you guys will never know what an inspiration you have been and how much I have learned. Thank you to everyone. So to all my CC friends have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope the new year will be bigger and better for all!!!!!
Your cake is as gorgeous as you guys are. I know your grandmother loved your cake. You fondant figures were fantastic.I agree with everyone I think we have future food network stars here! Keep up the good work you are very talented
Congrats Kory! I am going to make your coffee cake for tomorrow night. It looks yummy. Kathy
He is a real cutie! The gold nose is perfect!
Congrats Debi!!! You really deserve it. From the first email introducing myself to all the other ones that I know came flooding in, you have always been so kind and willing to help with anything and because of this I turned my whole business around. You are always there for anyone that needs help so this spotlight is for you.
I don't know what to use either when it comes to larger dowel rods, because when I made a large wedding cake and used the large dowel it left a taste in the cake.I mean the taste was really bad. I don't know what was on the dowel rod but it ruined the whole cake. I was so embarassed. I got it at michaels so I assumed it would be ok. I refunded the money and I had to run and get grocery store sheet cakes. I was very lucky the bride and groom said it wasn't my fault. ...
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