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At Sam's not only can you buy frozen cakes but also brownies, cookies and bread. If I wanted I can buy frozen sheet cakes undecorated by the case also 9 or 10 inch round undecorated.
Hi Everyone I'm usually the one that stays in the background and doesn't post much but now I really need everyone's prayers. My best friend's little girl was born 4 months early. She weighs 3lbs 9 oz. Right now she she doing good, but she will have to stay in NIC unit for 6 weeks. Her breathing is the only thing that they are really concerned with. The nurses say she is a strong little girl and they are doing all they can. She is a beautiful little angel. If everyone...
My biggest pet peeve is when I deliver a wedding cake and I am setting it up or putting the final touches on it and I have someone hanging over my shoulder. I delivered one a couple of weeks ago to a big inn and one of the custodians was hanging around asking me all kinds of questions like how much did the cake cost (of course I didn't tell him) and then he had the nerve to say they had one in there the week before that was bigger than the one I had and it looked better...
Just as Kiddiekakes said disposable bag and small tip and you'll have them done in no time!
Don't worry you will get more and more comfortable as you go but always remember you will always be learning. There is not a one of us that hasn't made a mistake, we're only human the point is that you will learn from them and get better and better. Anyone here will always be glad to answer any question so don't hesitate to ask. When I first started I went through what I thought was a million changes. I thought did I do this right and you know what I stood back and looked...
I filled out deco pac's application told them I was an in home business bakery gave them all the info including the ein number and they opened an account for me. They do check it out to make sure you're who you say you are. Don't know if that helps but that's all I had to do.
I always loved baking and I knew I wanted to learn how to decorate . I started buying wilton books and teaching myself. I took the first wilton class and knew that wasn't for me. Well 14 years later and more books and wa la! self taught. That's the only way I could learn.
I love working with polymer clay and I also like crocheting when I have the time. I also love collecting cookbooks.
Congratulations Heath & Jackie Best Wishes to you both
I don't think I could have been as respectful as you were. My hat is off to you for that. Your cake is beautiful and your armadillo is so cute. Keep creating your beautiful, beautiful creations and don't let these miserable people get you down. Hold your cake banner high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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