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I've used wilton's serving guide but the first time I used indydebi's it was so much easier. That is the only one I use now. So if you are going to cut the cake use hers and you will see the difference.
My husband works at the local Michael's here in Western NC and he hasn't heard anything so I think all is safe for now. At least I hope so!
I have a square wedding cake coming up soon and for some reason I have cob webs between the ears so I am turning to you guys. What size pans would you use for a 4 tier square cake for 120 people. They are not serving top tier. I've tried to figure it out and I am all over the place. Like I said cob webs have taken over this old brain! Help!!! TIA
Jackie & Heath Congratulations on your very special day. May the years ahead bring you joy laughter, and lots of love. Take care of each other and hold on to each other. The rest will fall into place Lots of love to you both
I've been cooking and baking since the days that my Mom would have to pull a chair up to the counter, just so I could reach it. My Dad would eat things that I made that the dog wouldn't eat and say that they were so good. My Mom was a fantastic cook and baker so I guess it's in the blood. I love what I do. From the day I made my first cake I was hooked and there was no going back. I have customers that tell me that they need a cake and to do what ever I would like. I like...
What about the naru (sp) jackets and a necklace with a peace sign hanging from it? Or was that the 60's?
Fantastic cake. Everything looks so real. You have some kind of talent!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to jump in here. I had a jumbled mess that I called a business and thanks to Debi answering a lot of pm's and some I thought she would think were dumb. But she set me straight on that. I turned everything around and I have done more business this year than I have ever. My first bridal show I booked 6 weddings! I owe it all to Debi's guidance. So thank you Debi for being our CC wise one. You are always there when someone needs help. Are you sure there aren't wings...
I have a mat that I use that slides so I put a damp dish cloth of dish towel under it and it stops it from sliding. It works for me. Hope it helps.
I have actually had customers call and order lets say a birthday cake and I'll ask how do you want it decorated and I get "I don't care" do anything you want. HUH! Well I need some idea. Again I get whatever you want to do is fine. That drives me nuts. I can't wait for the first time I do a teddy bear cake for a eldery lady because no one told me what to do or her age. I have enough gray hair!!!!!!!!!
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