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Very sophisticated. You do fantastic work.
I would love to have more room in my basement shop and free rein to order any and all the things that I want for 5 hours from anywhere. Dream on huh!
I know I have seen several articles about putting your name across your pictures but I can't seem to find any right now. Could any of you help me out with this? I would greatly appreciate it. I have looked until I'm going cross eyed. LOL Thanks in advance!!
When I first got into cake decorating I had a Black & Decker stand mixer. When my Dad saw how much I loved what I was doing and I was getting orders he told my Mom "Write her a check for a Kitchen Aid she needs one". That was 13 years ago it still works like a charm. Yes a kitchen aid is very worth the investment.
Let's see this weekend was slow. I had a full sheet for a family reunion, a 3 tier stacked packages for a birthday and a 4 tier wedding cake. Whew!!! I'm bushed!!!!!!!Seriously I do at least 4 at a time but I cut it off at 6. Can't handle any more than that.I'm getting too old. LOL
Global Sugar Art has 4x3 pans. check it out and see if that's what you need.
I was lucky enough to find a sports hat shop in our local mall that does embroidery and they did my aprons at a very good price. That may be a place to look.
I am not a cake person since I make so many and I can't have ice cream because of the lactose thing. So for my birthday I get tiramasu.(sp) That is my special request every year.
If I ever renewed my vows it would be Edna or IndyDebi !
Oh no what's next! Check out this website You can actually buy edible caps to go on store bought cup cakes. It says you will be the hit of the party! They have all themes from wedding to baby showers!
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