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I have offered both box and scratch for many years and no one has ever complained. Now I do doctor up a box mix with maybe an extra egg or extra vanilla but that is only when I am mixing two. Either way my customers always come back and that makes me happy.
Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in a very long time so I someone can help me. I ran into a deal at a thrift store. I found 15 plastic wedding cake plates, (you know the ones for tiered cakes) for 50 cents each. they were in perfect condition except they were yellowing a little. It's been quite some time but I swear someone posted a way to clean these and remove the yellow. If anyone knows how I will be forever grateful. Thanks so much for listening to me carry on. ...
Check out I get a lot of things from them and they have really good prices. Also I have never had any problems with returns. I bought two chef jackets from them along with vests for my staff. Hope this helps.
I found a big wooden pizza paddle a goodwill. I bought it cleaned it up and it works fine to pick up sheet cakes to tranfer them to a cake board. It may sound silly but it works for me.
That I don't really know, Sorry. My inspector told me she has failed plenty. That's all I can tell you. I know that don't help much. Sorry.
I'm in buncombe county and they were very thorough as well. Labeling was the main thing. But they checked around faucets to make sure no gunk was there, gaskets on your frig, ovens, storage to make sure your supplies were in air tight containers. My inspector also looked to make sure I had disposable gloves.
Hi, North Carolina here!!!!
Business assets would be your cake pans, cake decorating supplies. Even if you opened a personal checking account and used it just for business things that's all they can touch. Just keep all your receipts. That way you are keeping it separate.
The thing about incorporating your business even a home based business is the fact that if you get sued they can only take your assets associated with the business and they cannot touch your personal assets.
I know that everyone has their reasons for not doing sheet cakes. A lot of my customers always want sheet cakes no matter what I suggest, and they never want them filled. Just plain sheet cakes with frosting and decorations on top. I have never gotten a complaint so I must be doing something right. When I see a kids face light up with excitement from a sheet cake I have made for them that's all I need to keep making them no matter what. I'm not as good as alot of you...
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