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The link isn't working for me either....GRRrrrI know how frustrated you feel RBDenise
Ok the vote is in, I didn't tell my kids what I was doing and asked them who is this character? They both immediately said Mom Chicken Little. It came out so cute, I am sure your grandson will love itDenise
I love reading about everyones children enjoying cooking. I have a daughter and 2 sons, it's my sons that love to help. My 5 year old got a gift card to Walmart and he had to buy the easy bake oven. I had a cake to bake on Sat. and he sat and baked in his Easy bake. My 11 year old son has a love of cooking and already talks about being a chef. Thanks for sharing your stories. Have a great day Happy New YearDenise
Amy,sorry about the BIG let down. I think you should do the cookies and do the best you can. I know that I love baking cakes and I don't have much time or oppurtunities, thank God my neighbors and kids love to eat them all. I am sure another request will come your way.Happy BakingDenise
Happy Birthday TC, Have a wonderful DayBlessingsDenise
Roseanne,This was a good topic to start, I have always wondered how everyone makes such nice chocolate molds. The color part is what amazes me, sorry I can not help you out but I am sure there are many talented people on CC that can. My wilton instructor is going to have a saturday afternoon class for us, to teach us candy molding. We are going to do it after we finish course 3 which will be the end of August. I am so excited about it.Good Luck and don't forget to post a...
I have just one suggestion you might want to consider. I know my kids love to keep something off the cake. They have a spongebob figure you can buy and use that for the top layer....Just a thought, if not I am sure MMF would work. I can't wait to see the pictures, my sons LOVE spongebob!Happy BakingDenise
I think alot of us feel the same way...CC saved my sanity also. I have learned so much from everyone here. I had to respond to this though and tell a little story. My 2 oldest kids are off at camp till Thur. and my Youngest is having a hard time sleeping. Well he fell asleep in my daughters bed tonight and that is the room with the computer. My DH kind of chuckled at me and said what ya gonna do now "no cake central all night" Well I fixed him after my son was asleep I... is a link to a bridal shower cake I found using precious momentsGood LuckHappy bakingDenise
That was a great idea.....very nice cakeI can't wait to try MMFDenise
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