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You bet! I pray the Lord Jesus Christ will give you a clear conformation as to what HE would have you do!!! God Bless!Dusty
Thank you all for your help!
A lady called me and wants a 9" round lemon cake with lemon frosting.....with a cocker spaniel dog on it and get this---chocolate dipped strawberries around the bottom! This is a birthday cake for a 40 year old MAN!!!I do not know how I am gonna make this look good with all these different elements. Please help! Any advice is appreciated!
Just pray about it, mkolmar. Seek the Lord on this one. Especially about the preaching thing. He may be leading you somewhere else where you are needed in a specific area or where you can grow even more spiritually. I know we all love to do cakes, and that you are trying to start a business, but if you are not in His will, it wont work out anyway. I pray that He will give you the direction that you need.God Bless You!!!
a princess pillow cake with a tiarra? I have a friend that wants one for her daughter in June, and I don't have any idea how much to charge. Thanks for any advice!
I meant to put TBS on that not tsp!!!
I use a yellow DH cake mix and I add a couple of tsp of LORANN Lemon Bakery Emulsion. If your bride wants it strong you could use a lemon cake and then add the emulsion. The DH are always moist for me as long as I don' t over bake them....and the Lemon emulsion is thick and it doesn't mess with the mix as far deluting it or anything. I have had rave reviews every time I make a lemon cake! I also add some of the emulsion to my icing. I put the lemon in it instead of butter...
beachcakes- I bought full, half and quarter sheet boards. I only do cakes part time so I can't aford to buy them in a big bulk like that....and sells them individually or in bulk.
The cake boards I posted about are only waxed on one side. I don't know if you can even buy any that are waxed on both sides. Can you??? cakeartpartystore has drums and masonite also. is good too. I use them as well.
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