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I don't think it's been posted yet, either, but you can go to for all of the latest info they have. I hope that helps.
Lots of great new people!! How exciting! Please don't forget to go online and enter as soon as possible.
I am SOOOO excited that the show is this year! I had a blast at the last one! So many celebrity faces this year and a lot more to do now that it's in a bigger venue. I hope to see some new talent and more amazing cakes.
Thanks everyone! I am goin to try this asap!
Great! Thank you I have a couple of gumpaste ones that are drying just in case things didn't work out with sugar.
Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make a margarita glass out of sugar? It doesn't matter to me if it is pulled or packed or whatever- I am willing to try different suggestions!
I use a light brown fondant for gold and grey for silver. It tends to hide any spots that migh be lighter than other areas and gives me a nice deep base.
I think you will find many opinions out here about which recipes to use, but it's really just a matter of trying them out for yourself and finding the ones you like best. I like whipped ganache as a filling instead of regular ganache- it is a little lighter and fluffier in taste and texture.I do not use wilton's buttercream recipe but that's just me. I use one I found on here years ago and my customers love it, my family loves it and it holds up well here in the Texas...
I usually follow the Rule of refigeration. If it needs to refigerated outside of the cake, then it needs to refigerated when it's in the cake. Milk based or egg based fillings should be refigerated. I put fresh strawberries inbetween cakes all the time and I don't refigerate them. I also use bettercreme that I make a whipped topping from and I don't refigerate it.
Once you have the edible image, keep in mind that you only get one shot to get it onto your cake. Sometimes I have trouble getting it to come off the paper and the last thing you want is to tear it. If I find that I can't get the edge to come off easily, I stick the image in the freezer for about five minutes. It stiffens the image and makes it really easy to get it away from the backing. I do this when the image is a full size image no matter what because I did that it...
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