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Thank you for your great answers ladies!! this link works better.... Sorry! some reason, I can't post the picture. Does this link work?
I must admit, I'm stumped. What in the world do I use to separate the tiers? And in addition to the obvious board underneath the cake, what do I use that will be sturdy enough not to slant down on the edges that are hanging over the separators? I have no idea how to accomplish this look! Any ideas???
Thanks for your help ladies!!
Ladies, what about the shimmer? How do I get the piping to have that shimmer? I can't imagine that she went over all the piping with luster dust.....
Thank you Odyssey! I hadn't seen the close-up.
Can't figure out how to attach the photo... Here's the link:
Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this "lace" look? For the life of me, I can't figure it out. Is it an impression mat? Or is it freehand piping (I hope not!!!!).
PattyT, I buy my cannoli filling already prepared. It comes frozen and I keep it frozen until I use it. No problem.
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