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Currently I am trying all these techniques on a prototype. I rolled the black fondant out with cornstarch and it really dulled it, maybe I should roll it out with shortening?I found this photo, and even this degree of shiny would please me. you for all the input.
what is everclear?
ya my concern with the luster dust is that it will look shimmery not shiny. I'm testing egg whites and shortening as we speak ( on a prototype ) and they seem to be drying over time leaving no finish.If the shortening is going to dry I could rub it on at the last minute but there will be buttons and stuff in the way. I kind of wanted to have to gloss done before adding the details.Thanks for the suggestions so far, please keep them coming.
I am making a black phone cake. I need the fondant to be shiny like plastic. What would be the best way to do this? Luster dust? with vodka? would I use black?I've also heard egg whites, shortening..what are your ideas. Thanks in advance.
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