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Thank you!  I cut Antonia's recipe down yesterday but it seemed to take forever to get enough water in it for 10 second rule.  I had used Peggy Porschen's recipe earlier in the day but couldn't get it to work. Probably most recipes will work if right consistency.  Still, I did better with Antonia's and it dried pretty quickly... Happy Valentine Day! 
The one I use of Antonia74 has cream of tartar in it as well.  This recipe may not be right.
thanks... I'll look there.
Where is the cookie picture gallery?  Couldn't find it.
I would like to find some sort of container that would seal and perhaps keep variety of cookies separate.  I want to take with me to an upcoming trip to my son's house.  I will bring it back with me so ...reuse.  Not for mailing ...just for taking.... What do you use? What are your suggestions.  I make a variety of cookies and sometimes you don't want one to flavor the other...  Thanks!  Jo
thank you so much!!! I thought so but wanted another opinion.  Happy Holidays! 
I want to try the recipe by Jacques Torres for almond paste.  The recipe calls for blanched slivered almonds.  I bought slivered amonds today but the label says "raw slivered almonds".  There is no skin.  Do I still need to blanch them?  thank you so much.  Gearing up for my holiday baking.....
I would like to make a white chocolate cake collar for an upcoming special occasion cake. I have a stencil of a pinecone with needles that I will do first on the acetate. I will use light and dark chocolate candy melts for the pinecones and a bit of green candy melts for the needles. Then once set, I want to cover the stencils with white chocolate. I don't really like the taste of the candymelts so is there a decent white chocolate that will set up for a collar? I have...
Rosech...I see Yellow Butter Cupcakes in "Heavenly Cakes" is that the one you use for a cake? I didn't see any in "Cake Bible".
Rosech....Is that Rose Beranbaum's recipe you are talking about. I usually don't like the texture of butter cakes but you say that one is moist and light. Is it in Cake Bible or Rose's Heavenly Cakes? I also find her recipes to be very temperamental. They often come out dry...... Let me know... Thanks, Pat
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