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my very first wedding cake fed 327!! I just did it last weekend for a friend's brother. Luckily, the bride only wanted 3 teirs and then the rest kitchen cakes. (4 inch tall sheet cakes, filled) My oven was on baking Thursday from 8am until after midnight. It got about a one hour break! I nearly went crazy, but my hubbie took a personal day to help with the kiddos. And in the end all went well. The kitchen cakes were a blessing because they didn't have to be perfect,...
ok, so I'm adding PS to the fondant and hopefully it will get back to a better consistency. Now about the 14inch one. Where to do roll it out to make it long enough?? Maybe just grease the counter top and go the distance? Then do you put cornstarch or anything when you roll it to prevent it sticking? Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help! I still have about 2 hours, so I feel a little stressed, but I'm good ... I think!
I wasn't worried sbout it drying on the cake ... I can't pick it up off of the mat to put it on the cake without it tearing! Do you think if I add gumpaste it would be too hard to cut through?? thanks the for the help!!
Ok, so I'm having trouble attaching the fondant ribbon to my smooth buttercream cake! It's Satin Ice fondant. But I had to color it burgundy, so I'm afraid it's a little soft. I can't get it to stop tearing when I try to pick it up!So do I let it get a little hard first? do I roll it out a little thicker? Also ... I can't get the ribbons long enough not to have seems! The bottom tier is 14inch ... is 4 separate fondant ribbons too many seems!! Please give me your...
thanks, that's what I was afraid of. Do you think my crumb coat icing could be too stiff? Would that be causing the "moving" problem? I still think I do have a little too much filling. At least it's not the base layers, only the 6in. top that's having the problem.
alright, in my stress ... I'm realizing that it's the FILLING that broke the icing dam. Sorry if anyone was confused!!
Ok ... I'm doing a wedding cake for tomorrow. It's iced in buttercream. It's WASC with lemon curd filling. On the top tier, the icing completely broke the dam, and it's so wobbly, I can't crumb coat it! I just put it in the fridge to firm up a bit. So my question is, should I scrape off and start over? Just spread fresh icing after it's chilled? I don't want there to be a big bulge in the side of the cake. Please Please tell me your opinions. Thanks
Thanks Alan! That tutorial was very helpful. Guess I didn't look hard enough for the info.
Sorry -- does anyone know if I can paint chocolate with luster dusts? Will it melt/bleed? (Illinois in June ... humid and warm) Any better suggestions please??
Hi all, I recently purchased a Fleur de lis mold from GSA, the name brand is First Impressions. I'm a little unsure of how to best use it. On the website the picture only shows the finished fleur de lis, not the actual mold. I was expecting something a little different. It is a flat silicone mold, so in order to get a 3D fleur de lis, to stand on top of a small grooms cake, I'll have the make two and put them together, which is not a problem at all. The problem I'm...
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