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Please I need advice on this Cottage Food Law. I want to start selling my cakes and cookies from home and I am not sure how to start. I live in Florida and I know its legal here. I just dont know if I need to call and get permission first or just start baking away. Any advice on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! 
Great topic for me. Will be getting new countertops in a few weeks and was wondering about staining . Like using an airbrush or if you spill some food coloring gel on it !! Any help which countertops will not stain??? [
Thanks, that's why I was looking at the samsung, you can take out the dividing shelf and still have a regular oven.
I'm looking for a home- new double oven . Maybe a convection, I'm so confused! Have been looking at the samsung double oven which is one oven with a divider that seperates it into 2 separate ovens. Does anyone have this oven and any help with helping me choose the best oven I would be so appreciative!!!!!
what is sps ????
Is anyone else really sorry they bought the Get Sassie Gun for using isomalt? It took forever to get it, then finally when I got it, I kinda put it in the closet, and forgot about it. So, today I finally took it out to check it out, and it worked for like the 1st minute and that was it!! It was supposed to light up pink when it is fully heated up, never did, only got to the solid blue color. Now I have isomalt in it, that won't come out or be melted out. What a waste of...
sorry I missed "Im icing the football with fondant" lol
Im making a football cake for my grandson and Im making 2 cakes from the wilton football pan and putting them together and icing them with and wanted to make sure its going to hold its shape. Has anyone done this and any tips would be great!! Thanks!!!!
Thank you for all the advice!!!! Love this forum!!
Can someone tell me whats the best thing to use to create the realistic texture of a football?? Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!!
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